Like shower beer, except with oranges…

Written by Ashlee Blum |

I recently came across an article on Vice about using oranges in the shower. Thinking it was going to be about the benefits of vitamin C, or possibly how the steam from the shower increases them, I clicked the headline to read more. I’ve heard of brushing your teeth in the shower to save time, so let’s pretend it’s kind of like that. No more having to wash your hands after because you’re already washing — and you’ve got one serving of fruit down for the day.


It was so much better…


Apparently, there is a community of shower orange-eaters out there..  More than a year ago,  a reddit user replied to the question “What’s something unconventional everyone should try out?” by describing eating an orange in the shower as “the most liberating, carnal, and best feel good thing you can ever experience.” Now there’s a subreddit devoted to shower oranges with over 8,000 users.


There are a few rules — like no nudity in shared photos and no grapefruits — but overall the goal is simply to enjoy the experience of eating an orange in the shower.


Hey, if it brings a little zest to your day, go for it!