Food Trucks… Today’s Must-Have Office Amenity

Written by Amanda Ferraro |

In the last several years, the food truck trend has exploded. While the craze started on the West Coast, it’s now virtually everywhere, from New York City to Austin to LA. According to a report by Intuit, food trucks are expected to generate about $2.7 billion in revenue in the U.S. by 2017.

But it’s not just consumers (me included) who are jumping on the bandwagon. Real estate owners are capitalizing on our obsession to make their modern office spaces an edge.

Will this trend last? First, let’s look at what’s feeding the food truck frenzy.

Tenants are demanding convenience and variety

Quick lunches are still the preference for many, but convenience + variety has become the norm. Enter food trucks: they’re parked right downstairs, and you can have anything from beef brisket to alligator sausage.

Creating a social experience

According to USA Today, the success of food trucks is not mainly about location… or even the actual food being served. “It’s about creating micro-community centers, a farm-to-truck-to-tongue-to-share-with-your-neighbor experience.”

Looking for an edge

As telecommuting technology continues to have a significant impact, the office sector is looking for anything (within reason) that draws people back to the workplace. Food trucks fit the bill, and they’re being invited to hold events, and in some cases, set up shop on the premises.

Google set the standard for creating a cool and collaborative workplace, and while most companies can’t live up to that, food trucks as an office amenity can give a property an edge.