Why I’m Skipping the Cards and Flowers on My First Mother’s Day

Written by Amanda Ferraro |

If you didn’t buy your Mother’s Day card yet, all the best ones are probably already gone. And if you wait until the day before or day of, you’ll have to do what my husband did one year and buy your Mom a card that says, “You’re Just Like a Mom to Me.”


This year, I’m celebrating for the first time as a mother, to a beautiful baby girl, Olivia Antoinette (Livy). But if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past six months as a mom, it’s that time spent together with family matters so much more than any gift or card (it sounds cliché, but it’s so true). So, this Mother’s Day, I’ll be hosting a special get together at my house with lots of food and family.


As I reflect on the last several months, here are some very motherly words to live by:


It Takes a Village (It Really Does):
Everyone told me during my pregnancy not to be afraid to ask for help, and it’s so true. From the very start, I’ve accepted help from friends and family with open arms and I’m so happy that I have.


Time Flies:
I’ve also had many people warn me of how quickly time flies (especially during the first year). I shook my head and smiled but didn’t fully understand what they meant until I woke up one day and realized that my daughter’s first birthday is not too far away.


Take As Many Photos As You Can (And Back Them Up on iCloud):
Babies change and grow so much during the first year and it’s truly an amazing experience to see firsthand. I’m grateful that I have captured so many moments (from the first days in the hospital to life on the outside). I sometimes look back at my “old” photos and can’t believe how much she’s changed.


So, take my advice; This Mother’s Day, don’t worry so much about the card and flowers. What Mom really wants most of all is time spent with you.